Help Liquidating Excess Stock

Amazing service! 5 customers contacted me the first 24h after I listed my items, and finalized one deal the same day.
Very efficient and great network ! Calvin B.

“If you build it, they will come” – Rob Cyr, founder of New Venture Media, built it, and now they are coming by the thousands. Take advantage of our B2B reach by listing your excess inventory within our network of liquidation buyers.

Your inventory will be directly marketed to a wide range of wholesale and liquidation buyers including indie stores, chain stores, e-Commerce sellers, online marketplace sellers, flea market vendors, merchandise brokers, and export companies.

Depending on the type of inventory being liquidated, our team will advertise goods in any combination of the following:

Email Marketing – We maintain several databases of opt-in wholesale and liquidation buyers that we market to on a consistent basis. Emails are sent out offering timely B2B industry related articles, news, along with “Liquidation Offers.”

Facebook Groups – Social media marketing is the latest rage with people constantly checking for status updates from the many niche Facebook groups they belong to. New Venture Media hosts several B2B Facebook groups with thousands of members.

Direct Website Advertising – Your liquidation offer may find a buyer from placement on one of our main web properties. If we feel your inventory is a good fit for one of our sites, a page or listing will be created.

How does the liquidation process work?

Please place a listing for excess and unwanted inventory within our marketplace,

All purchase offers and final sales transactions will be between you and the buyer, mutually. New Venture Media is simply an advertising platform. New Venture Media does not enter into any purchase or sale negotiations.

Negotiations are between you and any interested party that contacts you by phone or email.